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Need a Experienced PPC Agency in DC

Need a Experienced PPC Agency in DC?

Alliance helps brands develop highly targeted PPC Advertising that help increase leads and drive more conversions. If your business is looking to maximize the use of your PPC Advertising spend, we can provide the account management and strategy you need to generate a better return on investment.

  • Increase Visitor Traffic
  • Maximize Ad Spending
  • Increase Onsite Conversions
  • Generate Awareness
  • Target New Audiences
  • Evaluate Campaign Effectiveness
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Many businesses have PPC Advertising set up, but lack the knowledge of how to effectively manage them in order to increase business revenue through their campaigns. Alliance provides PPC Advertising services in Washington, DC and nationally. We help you manage everything from account setup, campaign execution, and analysis of results.

Our PPC Advertising campaigns are customized and evaluated based on your unique business needs and goals. Through analytic research, ad testing and competitive analysis, we will develop a strategy for your campaign that will help drive more traffic and increase onsite conversions.

PPC Advertising Campaigns

Your Personalized PPC Advertising Campaigns

We develop personalized PPC Advertising campaigns that are backed by data and strategy to help your business achieve more growth online. The process for development of your PPC Advertising campaign includes the following:

  1. Keyword research to identity opportunity for higher rankings
  2. Competitive analysis to better understand others bids, spending and ad copy
  3. Ad copy creation designed and testing
  4. Landing page design or optimization to help increase onsite conversion rate
  5. Detailed monthly reports and analysis meetings

PPC Advertising Services

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Google AdWords Account Setup

We will help setup your account from start to finish, making sure to select the proper account settings and KPIs to better understand campaign effectiveness.


Conversion Tracking and ROI Analysis

Our experts will make sure our campaigns are helping your business drive growth online by analyzing conversion metrics.

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Ad Variation and Testing

We use A/B testing methods to help determine which types of ads produce better click through rates.

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Analytics Review

We will provide your business with detailed reporting of analytic data to help better understand which metrics have been impacted by your AdWords campaign.


Content Review

We will provide recommendations for your current onsite content, as well as a strategy for content creation that can assist in improving search engine rankings.


Campaign Implementation

Our strategy focused data driven campaigns are designed to generate the highest possible return on investment.

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Keyword Bid Evaluation and Adjustments

We will help your business optimize your AdWord campaigns by analyzing top keywords based on your industry and competition.


Monthly Maintenance

We will analyze and update all aspects of your account to make sure you are generating the best return on investment.


Landing Page Optimization

We will help you turn new visitors from your Google AdWord campaigns into future sales leads by adding actionable messaging to your onsite landing pages.


Competitive Analysis

We will analyze your competition to determine areas of opportunity and keyword strategy.

What is Google AdWords

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an online PPC Advertising platform that allows businesses to place ads which appear in Google’s search engine results and through its advertising network. The platform allows businesses to setup an account with an advertising budget, and pay only when a visitor clicks on their ad, making it a cost effective marketing option.

Google AdWords has experienced increased growth due to its flexibility and ability to target a specific audience. By identifying keywords that visitors are likely to search to find products or services in your industry, a business can successfully create an effective PPC Advertising campaign that helps drive traffic based on search results.

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